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U.S. LLCs are the Best Structure for RE Investing


Many real estate investors have a hard time deciding which business structure to choose for their venture. A decision like that isn’t easy because different formations bring different benefits and in some cases, depending on the real estate investor’s circumstances and priorities, one is certainly better than the other. However, there’s one business structure that somehow combines the main advantages of all others. That’s the Limited Liability Partnership (LLC). Is this the best choice for your real estate investment? Let’s find out.

What is a LLC?
A LLC, in its core, is a very simple business structure, in comparison to a S Corp or a C Corp. It provides owners with limited liability, pass-through options for tax purposes and many other benefits. On a consumer psychology level, it makes a business look reputable and trustworthy.

Benefits of LLC for Real Estate Investment
The perks of an LLC for real estate investors are many indeed.
•Great for foreign citizens and non-residents
•Allows passing income and losses through to the owner’s individual tax return
•Limited liability
•High legal protection of personal assets of the owner
•Unlimited number of owners, which is a big plus for many real estate investors because it helps to raise money easily. Click to keep reading Protected content

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