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Unforgettable moments from your journeys

Hi all, I believe for those who loves traveling and travel a lot they always have some great stories to tell. The stories that always come first when you’re asked about your journeys or the stories you would never forget in your life. They could be some sweet memories, funny or ridiculous situations, or even something that made you cry. If it’s always an urge to tell people about it then come tell us here, share with us your unforgettable moments!

Here is my story:

I’ve been to Italy several times, went to some big & popular cities there and I love this country very much. I love the beautiful sights, the good foods as well as the warm people everywhere in Italy but I guess the night I had dinner at Al Cavallino restaurant in Treviso last year was totally win my heart.

It was a cozy restaurant with wine bottles decorate every where inside that brings a very unique look. Gian Carlos - the owner, old gentlemen but looks elegant and noble - first thought I was Japanese but as long as he knew I’m Vietnamese then he started treating me as a long lost friend (he knows a little bit about Vietnam, the country and the war over the books he read). He served me with the best things there. I only ordered the house wine and leave the food up to the restaurant. I had a nice artichoke risotto for starter. Then I had the best grilled prawns with olive oil, it was so delicious. After that there came the 10 year-old wine (which I don’t remember the name) that brought me on cloud 9 (I wanted to use the word “turn on”, :)..), the dessert with chilled red grapes and house made Soya cream (tasted even better than butter cream that I had to ask for more) with sweet breads. Gian Carlos finished my dinner with a glass of champagne.

It was the first time in my life that I kept saying “oh my God” for good foods almost non-stop in a dinner. The great foods and the great company (Gian Carlos and the staffs there made me forgot that I was having dinner alone), the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, the nice weather, the people, everything there was just …amazing! I also got a special price, my dinner cost just a little more than a pizza. Gian Carlos almost didn’t want to take my money. Everybody there treated me as a member in the family though it was the very first time I ever met them in my life. I just felt so good and promised myself that I will definitely come back to Al Cavallino every time I go to Italy. The next day I found that it’s one of the best restaurants in Treviso.

People in Treviso are very helpful and friendly, they stopped and showed me direction when I asked. They even personally walked me to the place and a couple gave me a lift in their car to my hotel one night. I was very grateful! Everything there was just unforgettable!

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