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United Nations of a different kind


We all are confused or disappointed with the United Nations organization on its current status.We feel it is not representing the world as a whole or some times a stooge to the so called super powers. It has become a toothless tiger or ceremonial head, to sign deals agreed by few countries.The world has changed but the U N remains same with out updating itself for the current day requirements.

It is high time an alternative U.N is evolved to replace or function in parallell to resolve our contemperory burning issues, absolute dilemma we face in world scenario in the form of wars, flawed elections, and human right violations. A strong voluntary organisation in the line of Green Peace or Red Cross will be a perfect answer.It should be an organisation with members from around the world with out class ,color, or boundaries.

They will be proactive, will try to prevent rather than cure. They will be recieved with favour everywhere because they will be impartial on all issues and will understand everyones language.Their means will be peaceful , non violent and maximum force they will use may be mass sathyagraha of the volunteers.

They will try to avert war in Iran, persuade them for restrain from nuclear activities, will approach Robert Mugabe on injustice done for the masses all in a diffferent way world never thought about before.

One day their white volunteers will swamp around a missile launch pad requesting to avert a major attack on another country and their peacefull efforts will be honoured finally and that will be the day a new world order will begin.

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