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I come from a German-Irish-American Family we live mostly in the USA. I was in the US in Protected content the textile manufacturing factories „where put into wooden boxes and containers“ and then shipped to low wage countries. (Just like later in Germany.) I was 16, I was staying in S.C. We drove from factory to factory, it was a nightmare!!

I am totally in favor of President Trump's dream to recreate production jobs in the USA.

But I believe that we can best achieve this together. I think that import taxes help, YES. But to ask for European Know-How is better.

Ivanka Trump recently told the press, what I had found out before also: it is very difficult to make fashion in the US since there are few women who still know how to sew a shirt or dress or trouser.
Portuguese, Italian, French …, companies have maintained their SAVOIRE FAIRE in dress making, handbag making, shoe making. To start the US-European “common-growth-initiative” they could teach, and deliver half ready parts of handbags etc.

In order to make this offer more attractive for the President and his voters we could focus on addressing the toughest job creating approach of all: creating jobs for handicapped civilians and war veterans

This would reach many souls in the US.

And we wold be welded together in a mutual effort to replace “Kaufkraft-Killing Globalization” with “Consumer Wealth focused Globalization”.

I hope this text is not to long. Let us determine soon how to cooperate!

Sincerely your's Cornelius

mention in your comments how we should meet best.

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