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USA auto baylout German style?


Germany, made a big move to:
1. get rid of old innefficient cars, helping the environment.
2. give the german people a chance to upgrade to a better car (which sometimes cannot be that easy due to the salaries in germany)
3. Keep alive their most important and representative industrie of the country.

Although Obama seems to be the most active president, I have seen, in the USA. It seems this is a bit late adoption of the german system. Still probably a good idea to get rid of those huge very old SUV´s. And don´t get me wrong I am an SUV guy, but I think they can also go "greener" (take lexus for example).

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Anyway, what are your opinions?
Will it save GM??? and the others?

Hmm I see how this systems works fine in germany, but the american culture is too different, will it work?

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