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I'm planning on become a Vending Machine Owner & Operator and as a novice; I would like to chat with any other past or present Vendor Machine Business Owners & Operators - Individually owned or Franchised Run. I'd like to learn AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE regarding this line of business - both good and bad points to consider! Anything in this field I'd welcome learning - including; how one prevents Machine Hackers? In your professional opinion; Is this a profitable business long term? How many machines should one own? But most of all, how does one take their own vacations away if machines need / require frequent filling and $ emptying? We like to take regular vacations ~ usually Protected content getaways. Occasionally but rarely 21.
Looking fwd to ongoing dialogue on this subject with anyone involved. Including; best places to buy machines, supplies as well, how to get locations? What do Vendors prefer and the benefits: being a Franchised Owner or Non Franchised one?

I welcome reading any replies! Including those who just like to use them. What are you buying and where is the machine located; assisting me where the most popular locations and product needs would be?
I also welcome communicating by email with you all:
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