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Visa stamps in passports

Now, its been a while since I wrote anything here - and I'm sorry about that. Some of you might remember that I asked a question about visa stamping in passport every three months. That was causing the fact that each time they used an-new page in my passport that was rapidly 'running-out' of pages.

Well, as it turned out (for me) - quite by accident I 'forgot' to re-new my visa on time. This caused them to 'cancel' my 5 year (multi-entry) visa - and replace it with a 1 year (single-entry) one. To me this was benificial as it only filled in 1 page (per-year) in passport.

Now, I know that most of you reading this forum would not want this type of visa - maybe you want to go back home for a while, or visit Singapore, Thailand....etc..... but - if you are willing to remain in Vietnam for a year then it might be the visa to have.

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