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Voter Registration, etc. for USA Citizens Abroad

I am sure that many of you may have questions regarding your rights and privileges as eligible voters from the United States. As the Chief Outreach Officer for Democrats Abroad Argentina, I would like to extend to you a formal invitation to look at our group here on Internations:

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While yes, we are a partisan organization we assist anyone in the world in getting registered to to vote from abroad regardless of party affiliation. Here in Argentina we have already registered many Republicans and Independents and wil aggressively work to promote the election to all interested parties.

Inclusive in this group is a thread with links to Democrats Abroad as an entire organization as well as to the Argentine organization. I also have a thread with a link to Republicans Abroad and I started a thread for Independents but have not posted any info there. If any of you know of any good Independent Party resources please advise or post.

Thanks all,


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