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Voting rights for everybody?

A member posted the following text in a forum which raised my question of how would assign the right to vote:

"do you realize if you give people vote.. it will be total chaos.. If every outcome was to be decide don votes, horrors, do you know it will lead to so much instability.... do you seriously believe we need to vote for how much poor should get from state granaries?.. do you seriously trying to argue that common mob vulgaris will chose to give poor anything for their benefits... what nonsense"

Where I come from the right to vote is being older than 18 period. No restrictions (besides being a national, I do not know how it works nowadays for local votings etc.).

There is no restriction on either sex nor age or even if you can read. No one needs to do an IQ test to see if you are bright enough to vote. Even being in prison for life wouldn't stop you from ghaving the right to vote.

The person of the posted text thinks we should restrict the voting rights to an elected group of people. Is this the better way to go?

I wonder how other people think of this

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