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Warning with ONLINE jobs ! (what would you do?)


I recently did a privat campaign against faked online jobs on FB, and would like to share with you about it

I started to wonder on what could people that travel do in order to earn money.

As a lifestyle traveler i have been considering all types of alternatives to earn money, while abroad, alternatives that would keep me in the legal side of the business and in the worthy business, responsible business.

As I am curiouse regarding what other friends on the road learned, what young entrepreneurs, mothers at home and students learned is possible to do, what you can do abroad and in particular online, in order to make money. Which is the golden online earning alternative?

Mothers and travelers, students and young entrepreneurs would profit from this new collaboration-based research!

Well here is a case study.

WARNING: why to be careful with ONLINE JOBS.

I am up to share important information with you. the first set of post we did were on research on a page that suggested offered a job online. well, one of our team members did research on it and try it out to finally discover that all was faked. thanks to our action and promotion and research many people did realize that the website refered was not serious at all. so you can imagine how many people did think it was. this website was a good example on what you can find on internet. i will share with you a document associated to this case in few moments.

Here our report

The task to job site suggested you could earn money by referals and cicks, by atracting users to their system. they did claim to share with you a % of their sales, as they did through your activity onlin drive visitors to websites and platforms they claimed worked for.

Actually a very simple system.

The question is not about the feasibility of driving customers to another site, but on the payment credibility of task to job

would they pay you?

if you find a way to drive visitors to a site and visitors find real products and services, wouldnt that be a marketing action?

Yes, it would while task to job associated this action to survey filling, as a condition to verify you are human, which seems to be still ok. while we know with survey filling out companies earn money.

now here is the point, what if survey was not enough? some people just pay for services themselves. that wouldnt be that terrible..but did they get pay after promoting task to job page filling out survey and even buying an online service?

well, our team member didnt, and according to task to job dash board he made more than Protected content by promoting task to job site.

the next event was alot more serious, while task to job offered an email addrress for contact informtion and our team member send 3 messages asking for payment and organic user verification. no answer

later on task to job website desapeared, all accounts were deleted, no access any more to user dash board or any data regarding work done, and they changed the url to another name and offered the same thing.

RESULTS: it seems to be a faked job.

there is no way to know unless you try. while i remember several months ago when task to job url arised on my fB time line i did notice at the home page there was a number of users and visitors that never changed in several weeks. that is not possible, if the informtion was real, the number of visitors, earnings and sales they published had toc hange. i never took this site for serious as i did care for deatils. while i know many didint. some weeks ago task to job appeared one more time on my FB time line and i realized it was necessary to do something and find out a proof to share.

as i have been working online several months i know this type of challenge of wishing for an easy to achieve task and make some money which actually exist but obvioulsy not at task to job site.

here one screenshoot proof.

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