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We are more wonderful than anything we can imagine

As human beings, we are inextricably connected to the larger world the larger reality of deity. As above, so below; the microcosm perfectly reflects the macrocosm; Adam was made in the image of God, and so forth.

You might ask, if we are such perfect images of such perfection, why do things seem so imperfect? Why is there death and suffering? Why are there wars? Why are there fleas and black widow spiders? Why is there bad cholesterol? The answer is simple, but most of us are not yet equipped to accept it.

We are already-right here, right now the perfect reflection of a perfect deity: The problem is that we do not have a clue who or what we really are. What we recognize as ourselves-the entity that laughs and weeps, that stubs its toes, falls in love, wins and loses, lives and dies is not a true reflection of ourselves. We are something altogether different and more wonderful than anything we can imagine.

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