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Weapons of Mass Destruction in Greenland!

Prominent western leaders have recently contributed significantly to keeping the civilized world free from the scourge of terrorism.

Unforgotten are the merits of chums George Bush and Tony Blair who were so remarkably successful in finding the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In doing so, these brave, wise, men brought peace, stability and prosperity to Iraq and the whole Middle East, as we all well know from the daily news. They also broke the back of Al Qaeda which as we all know was Saddam’s right hand – after all both Osama and Saddam spoke Arabic and both were nasty, so it was obvious they were collaborating. Blair and Bush were well informed and knew exactly what they were doing.

More recently, plucky Gordon Brown, Blair’s worthy successor, nipped the Icelandic terrorist threat to the security of the UK in the bud – read the details of his heroic act of bravery at: Protected content

And what did we read in the papers last week? Greenland referendum votes for more autonomy from Denmark!? Now if you consider the proximity and close ties of Greenland to the Al Qaeda satellite state Iceland, whose modern history had similar beginnings as a Danish colony, it becomes clear to anyone able to put 2 and 2 together that an axis of evil is forming in the North Atlantic and that those Greenlanders obviously have weapons of mass destruction stashed away there somewhere - sure enough. The writing is on the wall, the logic compelling – something needs to be done.

Fighting terrorism has its own logic, makes its own bedfellows and exacts its own victims. It is ironic that that Bush & Blair have spent billions in a futile chase for imagined terrorists and their non-existing weapons in Iraq, Gordon Brown conveniently abuses the anti-terror laws for his own purposes making a mockery of the earnest intention behind these laws whilst in Mumbai the real terrorists attack at will and fill our screens with bloody scenes of carnage.

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