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Wedding planning - 16000 km between families

Hi everyone,

I hope that probably some people here have also experienced the same challenge. My finance and I, we live in Australia and plan to get married next year. The problem is our families are almost literally at the opposite ends of the earth and speak different languages. Of course we would like to have everybody together for the wedding, but realistically that might not be possible. Now we are thinking about different ideas how we can celebrate our wedding.

- two small weddings in each country?
- getting married just with a couple of people and have two receptions in each country?
- have a reception in one and just a party in the other country?

We are thinking about it a lot and we thought maybe some people here would be happy to share their experience. If you have married someone form another country we would love to know how you pulled it off and weather you would change anything.

Thank you very much in advance!


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