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What do you think about sustainable leadership?


some fellow friends and me started a blog called Lead-Ahead! where we are intending to explore a leadership style that inevitably has sustainable actions as a result - Sustainable Leadership.

For us, a sustainable leader empowers leaders and followers to create lasting local and global value for Environment, Society, Economy and all stakeholders affected by their actions (or non-actions) and the actions of their organizations.

To do this we are asking questions about traditional leadership styles and doing a so-called Leader Check. We basically rank leaders from business or politics on a range from "damn scandalous" to "truly sustainable".

What do you think about our definition? Do you think that leadership will play an integral role in creating a more sustainable world? Or is it only the consumers who can make a real difference and have the responsibility to create sustainable change?

Have a look at our website as well: Protected content

I'm happy to hear form you!

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