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What do you think about the Pakistan crisis?

Pakistan is now in the news worldwide and the recent imposition of “State of Emergency” in Pakistan by President Musharraf surprised many critics and brought world wide condemnation as a step taken to pro-long his grip on power and delaying of elections , which supposed to be held early next year. I wor a lot about Musharraf’s decision and think that Pakistan is heading towards a very difficult future – here in Islamabad you can feel the tense atmosphere everywhere and the international community is buzzing with excitement. I would like to raise the topic here and would be very interested in your perspectives from all over the world:

This imposition of “State of Emergency “came at the time when Supreme Court was due to give a decision whether it is legal for Musharraf to run for President , while holding the Chief of Army Post as well. It is widely believed that if Supreme Court could have managed to give the decision regarding the legitimacy of Musharraf candidacy, it could have created many serious challenges for the Musharraf survival, and it could have cost him his Army post for which he is not willing to give up at any cost.

In his speech to the nation, he cites many reasons for imposing state of emergency, starting from Red Mosque incident, the abduction and killing of Chinese workers, and Taliban’s attacks on Army personnel, and Air force men, and then he added that continuous interference of courts in Government affairs played a key role for such a decision.

As far as these conditions concerned President Musharraf should know that it is not something new happenings in the country , the suicide bombings and Taliban’s attacks are daily occurrences since Protected content , why not he considered to declared state of emergency at that time and why did he waited for 7 years to take such a decision.?

Ever since, President Musharraf decided to contest the presidential elections, he knew that he will win easily as other two candidates won’t find enough votes to defeat him. Although, he won with 57% of the vote, but Supreme Court said that final decision of his election result will be decided by the judges, it was just like a gamble, a gamble, which President Musharraf doesn’t want to play.

If a “No” decision could have come from the Supreme Court, this could have ended his President’s hope for being the President of Pakistan or even if he chooses to stay as Chief of the Army staff, he then he has to work under who ever will be the new President, so he was heading towards end of the road, the declaration of state of emergency was the only way to get out of all sorts of legal problems.

It clearly shows that President Musharraf declaration of “State of Emergency” was more personally than Pakistan’s internal situation, nevertheless, this action will put Pakistan is more problems, the problems which have now become the destiny of the country Pakistan.

Would be great if you share your opinions with me. Serhat

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