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The world would like to decide to believe (or create) the following idea of enligthenment as something tangible, as a rule, for the enlightened ones. (THis image has the modern idea: )

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Odin Theta: This is what i know, when you get enlighthened you realize there are no rights, nothing to care for or be concerned about, courage is not coming out of will power, and the truth as information is not real knowledge. People always have imaginations on what sacred is, or union with prime source is.. so they project their wishes for changing the world on enligthened beings… this photo text has nothing to do with being enlighthened or divine.

all is interdependent with all, but universal vary according to consciousness level of your heart, what seems to be good for you is not for another consciousness level… reality is not bidimensional, not a plane… as much you expand and ascend in consciousness, more you can realize the relativity of the truths that are universal.

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which shows that enlightenment by definition has nothing to do with social issues where agreement is involved.

if we follow this line of thought and perception of how knowledge can be achieved or reached

I have on my side other approach.:

Odin Theta: by entering the core of knowledge, in union with prime source, we access the knowledge of all that is, as for our perception becomes divine perception and action divine action. then, there is no place nor space nor time for any doubts. and there for, all times and possible expressions of ourselves, become again divine expressions of prime source themselves. Fact that gives again a space to the ündefinition”of enligthenement as holding all possibilities of divine self expression as the truth, true nature of al that is, without any contradiction … as good or bad, what ever perception or consciousness model applied, are both or thre or 9 of the unpossible conflict cmbinations, all of them are expressions of divine prime source itself… so there is then no evil and no good. but reality.

My way of thinking is not dangerous at all but liberating. While most of the world concerns are on the fight between good and evil, the true liberation and eradication of that conflict lies not in the fight between two delusional behaviour (as the identification with any of them is nothing else but delusional, not grounded in the reality of self). The only possible path for solving the “problem on earth”for example, is earth global ascension, which doesnt mean the at all to erease the evil form earth. While to be honest you know that in my life path towards ascension i have met face to face those kind of ëvil “ones” and more than ones my life have been placed under risk, treathened, atacked, almost killed, persecuted and more than one of my projects and actions for earth ascension have been sabotaged and my students as well pushed, in all type of forms. So, i am not taking this approach as for not seeing the truth of the harm that can be caused by confussed unresponsible people. Power based behaviour is a fact, and need to be changed in its outcome and alignment. BUt how long these beings will need to learn ? I met them, many of them, all kind of. and i am sure you also know them. My statement give us a higher level of consciousness where to operate with freedom, and not identified with the delusional fights created against or in favor of any party or side. As both sides nature is the same, while some learn on power based issues, and the others as well, you can paint them white or black… both are the same. I perceive this approach as more realistic and grounded, than to claim there is need of fight against anything as for being spiritually advanced. While again, you know my work.. i am a peace activits, i am vegan and raw activist, i stand agains animal abuse, women and child abuse. and i can tell people i know and myself have been victims of such. I stand also against structural abuse, and the abuse against free self choice. I do that daily and train students daily in the art of peace and self love and … more important i lead a school of people that care for keeping harmony and peace and divine love in the divine verse, as for in the current circumstances the multiverse, quantumverse and divine verse are not inmmersed in true union with divine source, are fields where demigods (greedy for power ) govern, and most beings under their deeds suffer. So i know what you are talking about. But do you remember: in order to solve a situation you need a higher state of consciousness than that one that originated it… I apply it.. you can call it : solipsism . I think is not. What we do is: divine perception and divine action, we take responsibility. and is very tangible what i do…

so, for the readers that already know me, i do not understand why you do not integrate those facts of my life and spiritual work since Protected content your perception of my statements ? you know me already for so many years…

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