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What Food of Your HomeTown You Miss Most When Travel?

Do you have a favorite food in your hometown that you just can't get--or doesn't taste the same--when you travel?

I just got back to San Francisco after 2 months traveling in Europe, mostly living in Brussels, and I indulged myself in a Mission style chile relleno super burrito. The Mission District is a mostly Mexican and Latino neighborhood, famous for really great burritos, which, it is claimed, were invented here. A chile relleno burrito involves taking a chile relleno (a large mild pepper, stuffed with jack cheese, egg-battered and deep fried or baked), covering it in a house-made tomato, onion and chile sauce, heating that up, then stuffing it into a large tortilla filled with your choice of beans, rice, and "the works"--guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce-and extra hot sauce, if you are me.

The burrito I found in Brussels didn't quite measure up.

Then again, now that I'm back in SF, I will miss speculoos! (that peculiar, "ginger-bread-like" Belgian cookie).

What do you miss?


Wei Ming

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