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What if the World Could Vote for the Next US President? Well, it can....

I wrote a blog article, "Social Media and the U.S. Presidential Election: What if the World Could Vote for U.S. President?", about a website that's allowing the world to cast it's vote for the next US president. Though, of course, the votes won't count in the election next Tuesday, it is a way for the world to speak its collective mind about whom it wants to see in the U.S. White House.

I hope you will read the article, view the video and forward or the link to the article, website and/or video to those you know will be interested or post the content to your own blog or online social networking profiles. Because of the intellectual capital within InterNations (to which I was pleased to be invited to membership), it will be interesting to see what will happen if InterNations members get involved in spreading this story.

Please visit the blog article for an overview of the site: Protected content . Feel free to leave comments directly to the blog. It would be great to allow my readership, which is rapidly growing, to get an international perspective on this election. Of course, I look forward to seeing discussion about this story here.

Thank you.

Dahna Chandler
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