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What is a "peaceful country"?

I was reading the other day one of these articles where the writer puts down information to the readers in a numbered list of things based on his/her own judgment or knowledge, like “10 most beautiful cities in the world” or “5 ways to stop aging” or “20 most stupid nations in the world”. The one I read was “20 most peaceful countries in the world”. According to the list, Sweden was among the top but the writer interrupted this information with this: “in spite of the fact that it’s among the world’s top arms exporters.” Here, I could not understand how a country is categorized to be one of the most peaceful countries while their arms are killing thousands of people around the world, and their government is making direct deals with regimes that are criticized for human rights abuses. If we look at it in a different way, we might find it highly possible that the number of death that Sweden has caused to humanity in the modern history is much more than what for example Iran has caused, yet, according to “them”, Sweden is a peaceful country but Iran is not!

So what is exactly a peaceful country? And what is exactly a peaceful nation? When people allow their government to sell arms to be used for killing millions of civilians around the world, can this be ignored and call these people a peaceful nation?

P.S.: I have nothing here against Sweden; I just mentioned it as an example.

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