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What is worse-To Fight Obesity or to Fight Hunger

I read an article a while back that Protected content % of Americans are obese. Within the same breadth, millions of people in Africa live under a dollar per day, meaning they cannot to put food on the table, and as such go hungry.

Obviously these are two weighty issues that we all need to put efforts to curb. While we must agitate for governments in Africa to be more accountable, to shun corruption and make it possible for the people there to have a decent shot at life, what should we do with the feeding habits in developed world to curb obesity?

While Obesity could be a factor of feeding habits, other variables like lack of exercise come to mind. I have watched how Americans live and it is not the best lifestyle. For many, it is work, home, work, home, work. People do not give attention to their bodies! Come on guys, why work so hard and forget your own body!

I am originally from Kenya and one thing I am cultured about is jogging and engaging in sports. I have time for me. This makes me shed any excess calories while shaping my body to what I want.

If you want to jog, do sports and do not have a partner to help you, talk about it here and I shall find time for you. Be ready for some serious jogging, road run and together we can maintain healthy bodies!

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