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What is your opinion of Ayn Rand's philosophy?

Can't altrusium and objectivism exist at the same time? Or does one destroy the other? Are they entirely separate as Ayn Rand argues in this incredible Protected content with Mike Wallace? Mike Wallace was allowed to smoke on air in those days too:

Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview Protected content 1
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Below video link attempts to explain the relevance of Ayn Rand's philosophy to the present day economical and political turmoil. Do you agree, why or why not?

The Relevance of Atlas Shrugged in Today's World - Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights
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The movie is premiering on tax day deadline (for the United States). Do you agree with Ayn Rand that the people should never be taxed? Former Federal Reserve's Alan Greenspan was a follower of Ayn Rand, and a supposed supporter of the "free market." Did he change his tune?

Atlas Shrugged premiering April 15th
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Ron Paul discusses Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan
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