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What men and women need? (Not want)


Love relationship is hard to strike magic nowadays. One thing for sure- we all need love.

Relationship is a knowing stage. Marriage is a binding stage. God created woman out of man's ribs to be his helper. God created a beautiful woman for man's recreation so he can rest from work. During my grandparents time, they were married through arrangement and no dating before marriage. They were matched by Chinese astrologist and family friends recommendation. The men and women are assessed by their abilities and the main factor is multiplication. I would say they don't have much choice. But Chinese astrologist in those days are pretty accurate, if not how they get along so many years till death.

Today. We have privilege to date and choose the right partner. We marry, have sex, and kids if not otherwise cheat and divorce. We have internet to look outside our state.

Question is; what men and women of today need? I don't care about wants, that is selfish.

Let me start as a woman- woman needs a man who can provide safety.

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