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What resources are important to have in life?

I attended a business breakfast yesterday morning with the RT Rev Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, and he challenged the audience to think what happens when something goes really wrong in our business / life with the decisions that we make?

He made the point that CEOs had to lay off people due to serious strategic problems and when you look back - if we kept it simple / small we would have been alright, but when we we went complex / large - we got it wrong.

What is there within us to resource, at the moments that it goes wrong?

In the oil industry if you got one decision in ten, you were right, one in twenty you were okay and risks are always part of business.
In the moments when you got something wrong, what are the resources you should have?

Planned economics don't work. Human beings are human beings they get things wrong.

All political careers end in failure, and he made reference to Churchill, and to Thatcher and to others.

As a Christian we can be utterly certain that we will be measured by God. Our heart is in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus knows everything in us, every single secret, and He knows us and loves us.

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