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What’s the Democracy Quotient of your country?


The expression ‘democracy quotient’ has been used in two other instances, but with meanings, in my opinion, not related to the one I’m using here, and I think this use maybe more appropriate:

The democracy quotient is the percentage of democracy in a given country.

This question is tied to a thread called: DEMOCRACIES? ± Freedoms and Right? S/g missining? I would like to keep this one exclusively for these questions; and welcome you to debate what is democracy, and how to improve it, and add comments to the thread above mentioned.

I would like you to answer 4 questions in evaluating the degree of democracy, using a scale from Protected content

1. Country you consider your homeland; percentage of democracy; your own idea.

2. Country you consider your homeland; your idea of how most other people in your country see it (you can figure it out from what you hear people around you say, or other type of input).

3. Countries you have visited and feel familiar with.

4. Countries about which you have a clear perception from what you have heard and read.

This is how your answer might look:

1. USA 75% (This is what you think)
2. Protected content , most other people think it’s 65% (This is what you think other people in the US think).
3. Mexico 40%, Jamaica, 25%, China 32% (Visited countries you feel familiar enough to say)
4. Canada 80%, UK, 60%, Israel, 45% (Countries you haven't visited, but feel you know enough to answer something)

Please, if you know how to use the system, keep the same format (hit a return at the end of each answer, so it's easier to tabulate! I will publish here the tabulation after I get enough consistency in answer patterns to justify the quality of the results.

This is a survey purely of perceptions, and not an actual measurement against given standards. The answers here, and the discussion in the other thread, may lead to creating a democracy quotient standard… we’ll see!

Thanks, everyone!

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