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what we don't like at home/like in other countries


On a different thread, there was a discussion about cultural bias. Some forum members have accused the Russians on the thread of having just one opinion which is shared by all and uncritical of our country. That is why I would like to start a competition in criticism of one’s own native culture / country (or the one you are living in currently). Please refrain from criticizing other cultures on the thread. Complimenting other cultures is welcome on the other hand.

I start with an example. In Russia, I dislike waiting lines, bureaucracy, as well as the fact that money can buy almost everything… In Switzerland, people could become a little less reserved and more friendly, talk to each other and smile at each other much more.. Of course, the list is longer, I will be adding other points as and if we get going…

As for compliments, I love Italy. Nice, friendly, open people with great food and good looking too! 

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