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Where is your Second Home?

If given a choice, which country or part of a country (other than yours /it should not be where you originally came from) would you like to "relocate" for the medium or long term.

which is your most ideal place to live?

Can you explain with the least amount of words why or what made you choose, for your family, business, political climate, or anything you think is conducive for your own definition of happiness/content.

Example: I would like to live somewhere in some tropical paradise(name of country or region) because the pace of life is slower, the food is great, etc...

Or I was "posted" in this country, i fell in love with the people, area, food and other things...

I would like to live and work in this country because corruption is zero or minimal, stable currency, business climate and is located in a region i would consider central to my business or work interest...


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