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where to rent cheap motorbike in hanoi?

A trip to Vietnam is not complete without hopping on a motorbike at least once during the trip. Besides the convenience factor of being able to whizz through traffic easily the experience alone of riding in the hectic cities or stunning countryside is incredible. Renting motorbikes is possible throughout the country and a common practice among foreigners visiting Hanoi, Vietnam. Here is everything you need to know before you rent cheap motorbike in Hanoi.

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Hanoi Motorbike rental price
According to the experience of people who have rented motorbikes in Hanoi, the cost will be reduced when you select this type of vehicle.

How much to rent a motorbike in Hanoi?
With daily rental available on the Honda Wave, Honda Nuovo and the Yamaha Mio for $7 a day.

When starting to rent a automatic scooter, you must ask the lessor to give you a free map. Hanoi travel is very convenient. Riding a motorbike go to eat is never afraid of expensive, a lot of food you can choice. If street food expensive you can go to other places, not like taxi they carry you to the restaurant to get the commission so the price will be higher.

Motorbike Not automatic: Honda RS, RSX, Yamaha, Jupiter, Sirious, Future ….
Protected content 90,000 ≅ 4USD / day Protected content
Automatic Motorbike: Nouvo, Atila,
Protected content 100,000 ≅ 5USD/ day Protected content
Protected content 120.000 Airblade Motorbike/day Protected content
Duration: 1 day is 24 hours
– Example: 7:00 today to 7:00 the next day is counted as 1 day
Protected content today to 15:00 tomorrow is counted as 1 day
Don’t get too worried about the motorbike rent since it is quite cheap in Hanoi. For each rental bike, you just pay around $3-$9 per day, but the rental scooter may cost you $10 or more.

If you intend to hire this motorbike for a long time (over a week), make sure you have a good deal with the company. (especially in peak seasons insist on a daily rate for how many days you hire)

Hanoi Motorbike Rental And Sale– What To Know
Value. Understand the value of the motorcycle you’re renting. Not all bikes are equal and they definitely aren’t all worth $300.Your contract will explain the value of the motorcycle. If it doesn’t, ask or get it in writing.

Know your market. Not all countries are created equal. Hanoi has developed a bad reputation for ripping off travelers with crash damage and theft scams. This reputation has been unfairly passed to Vietnam and South-East Asia in general. Overall the market remains to be relatively fair and safe, and most arguments are caused by travelers not understanding the rental companies’ position.

Chinese motorbikes or Yamaha Nouvo 1/2/3 automatics have a street value of $ Protected content .

A rental company operating with these models will usually take a deposit of 1-million VND.

The rent is Protected content a day, or 1 million VND a month. Read our related post for a full list of monthly rentals and outright purchases.

Once the deposit and rent is paid, the renter has paid nearly 1/4 the value of the scooter!

The reputable companies will use Honda semi automatics with a value between $ Protected content Honda automatics with a value of around $1000.

Deposit requirements are usually stricter and higher, ranging from 3-million dong to 5-million dong ($150-$ Protected content usually combined with a small background check.

Passport deposits are also commonly accepted with a Vietnam Visa, but drivers licenses are not.

Travellers often assume that rental companies are desperate for business, however, the good companies operate no differently from traditional car rentals and often perform background checks on potential customers.

Tips for backpacker when rent motorbike in Hanoi
Before and after the journey, you have to ensure that all parts of your motorbike are in normal operating conditions such as brakes, tires, chainsaws, lights, horns, turn signal and speedometer.
Remember to fill up the petrol for the motorbike. You don’t need to worry about the type of gasoline to use because the petrol station staff will automatically fill the suitable one for the motorbike.
Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof backpacks, coats, raincoats, locks, rubber bands, full battery, smartphone connect 3G, some motorbike repairing tools and most importantly is money.
Obey the Vietnam traffic rules:
Wearing a helmet, driving on the right side and limited speed of 60 km/h
Do not cross the red traffic light, using horns anytime you need, drive with two hands,
Do not take photos when driving
Turn the lights on when getting inside tunnels.
Do not drink alcohol before and during the drive.
Be confident with traffic. Try to guess other’s turning direction by their body language.
Drive slowly in order to look out for animals, children
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