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“Who has more fun: Palestinian or Israeli kids?

Growing up can be very tough nowadays. With so many distractions (video games and online porn) and responsibilities (such as school work and household chores) competing for the time of young people worldwide, it is no wonder that the next generation is well on its way to developing attention deficit syndrome.

It seems certain young radical Arabs in the “Palestinian territories” and in southern Israel have found an enjoyable past time that seems to be keeping them well occupied and very entertained: plunging Israel into a new wave of terror. It seems that actually stabbing victims in real-life provides more of an adrenaline rush than doing so in “Grand Auto Theft V”, the latest car-jacking video game on the Playstation or X-box. What can be more fun it seems for the average mis-indoctrinated radical Palestinian Arab youth than learning how to stab, stone or shoot innocent Israelis be they women, children or learned rabbis. Many online social media sites like Twitter and Youtube have been asked to take down content showing Arabs teaching people how to stab or karate-chop unsuspecting Israelis. Who needs to do Algebra homework or take out the garbage at home when one can go out and do some real-time mayhem right? (In their defense, these mis-guided Arab kids may believe that actually throwing a stone at someone requires an understanding of basic ballistics, which assumes a rudimentary knowledge of physics and math, especially if one has to account for wind and temperature variances affecting the trajectory of the stone in question en route to its unwitting victim standing by the curbside). Don’t believe me, see this link to a Youtube video for yourself on the extent of mayhem these young rebels with a cause is sowing throughout Israel. But be forewarned, what you will see is an actual terrible crime, although it looks like a scene from “Grand Theft Auto V”. Viewer discretion is advised:

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Did you see the video? Go ahead, click the link above.

Wow, right? Spoiler alert: Did you see that Arabic man jump out of the car after having rammed his fast moving car straight into a bus stop filled with people waiting for their next ride and start hacking away at an innocent victim with a meat cleaver? (Guess his mom would not be carving roast that night for dinner). Did you see an old lady trying to do her best to run away as fast as possible? Did you also see that vigilante who came out of now where and (like Clint Eastwood) blew the bad guy away? Which brings me to my next point.

The United Nation Relief and Works Agency (“UNRWA”) recently criticized Israel for using “excessive force” in trying to stop attacks by Palestinians against Israelis in Jerusalem and across the Jewish State.

Yeah, Israel! Listen up, don’t spoil the fun of radical nut-cases who are acting out the sequel to “Grand Theft Auto V”. The UN is also directing its criticism at you, Mr. Vigilante in the above video. Shame on you! According to the UN, you should have invited the whack-job for afternoon tea at the London Ritz Hotel with freshly baked scone (pronounced “S-KON” by the Queen) and Devonshire clotted cream followed by a matinée showing of “Cats” at the London Palladium. (Its also good for teaching under-privileged radical Arab kids the benefits of refined art and culture). There was absolutely no need to cap that punk in the video, according to the United Nations, even if you shot him in self defense, which is a legal doctrine that does not apply to Israel in the eyes of the Western media and the UN.

So what about Jewish kids living Israel. Are they having just as much fun studying the Talmud everyday (yawn, boring!), reading the weekly Torah parsha for the upcoming Shabbath (what a way to spend a sunny afternoon right?), helping their rabbi decorate the synagogue for their cousin’s Bar Mizvah (who needs to attend another one?) or solving that super difficult “extra-credit” Geometry class question (what a geek!)?

Radicalized Arab kids never got the memo on Google’s cash prize of US$30 million to the first team to land a robot on the moon, explore the its surface and broadcast its video images back to Earth by December Protected content . Who cares about sending stupid robots to the Moon when one can have so much fun playing “Grand Theft Auto V” for real, right?!

If the measure of what constitutes “fun” for our youths of tomorrow is their devotion to acting out their latest sick fantasies from “Grand Theft Auto V” in reality, then all of the kids on the Israeli team (called “SpaceIL” who is currently light-years ahead of their nearest competition in Google’s race to the moon cash prize) are all a bunch of super goofy nerds who would only get sand kicked in their pale faces on the beaches of Tel Aviv by very big radicalized Arab bullies. Who needs US$30 million or do something constructive (like helping to advance space exploration technologies) when there is so much fun involved in car ramming, right? Man, it seems Israeli kids are missing out on all the fun in life. Poor sods.

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(Note to the literal Reader: Hey relax, the above article is satirical. Look its meaning up before you complain to the moderator.)

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