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Who is your hero?

Who in your life has inspired you? Who is your hero? How has been influential in your life?

This is my hero:

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Dr. Ralph Feigin passed away August 14, Protected content . It is nearly a month later and I still miss him I know I will for the rest of my life.

While he will be remembered by all for his achievements, those who actually met or knew him will remember him for his humanity.

He was a mentor, a role model, a father figure, a friend and a colleague all rolled into one. I could approach him for any advice -- from career decisions to dating dilemmas -- and I always knew he would take the time to listen, understand, and respond in a way that was tailored to me as an individual. Despite his powerful personality, he never sought to impose his will on others; he wanted you to live up to your greatest potential and do what was right for you.

Up until the end, he woke every morning at 4 a.m., ran several miles, and arrived at the hospital before those on the night shift left. His entire life was defined by the pursuit of excellence.

There are only a few people we encounter who truly inspire us. Dr. Feigin did that for me -- on so many an academic, as an intellectual, as a teacher, as a pediatrician, as a child advocate, as a leader, as a citizen, as a community member, as a businessman, as a man of faith, as a family man, as an a human being.

He also gave the world's best hugs.

So tell me...who has inspired you?

It could be your kindergarten teacher, your child, your parent, a career mentor, a religious figure....whoever....I'm curious where others find their inspiration.

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