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Why consider a person anti-Country or anti-Culture


I've had conversations with people who didn't consider themselves to be anti-CountryA or anti-CultureB, but who came across as very much anti-. It was difficult for them to understand why they were viewed that way when they just KNEW that they weren't. I've been told the same thing about myself sometimes, that I am anti-CultureX (probably with reason though). From your own personal observations, what do others say or do, or how do they say the things that lead you to think that they are anti-something?

My intention in re-opening this thread after it was hijacked by others for their deviltry, is an attempt (just as it was the first time) to foster understanding between people who share a common language, but view the words and communications in that language through a different cultural filter, one which sometimes leads them to conclude that the writer just doesn't like the readers culture or country.

This isn't about nationalism, patriotism or any other ism. It isn't about one persons opinion that someone else doesn't fit his or her definition of a good (fill in the blank) because so-and-so said such-and-such. It's about why YOU, personally, read or hear something that someone has said, and then conclude that the speaker is anti-whatever.

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