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Why do progressives give Muslims a pass?

Ever wonder why progressives and "Social Justice Warriors" give a pass to psychotic Muslim violence against innocent people even though Muslims also directly target gays and other "alternative lifestyle" types? They should be natural enemies, right? Muslims oppress gays, women, and non-Muslims in Muslim countries, and in the West Muslims assault, beat, rape, and murder gays, women, and non-Muslims en masse. So why aren't progressives and SJWs horrified by Islamic violence?

Because they have a common enemy which SJWs and progressives loathe even more: Western Civilization. You see, in Western Civilization there is still some small modicum of meritocracy. It's a civilization wherein your status in life is largely commensurate to your talent, work ethic, and ambition. Progressives and SJWs absolutely loathe this system; thus, they are natural allies with any other culture, religion, or creed which also wishes to annihilate Western Civilization, e.g. Islam.

And now you know.

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