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Why Married People are More Successful...True?


I logged into linkedin this morning,
to this very interesting article (judging by the heading) and was gripped with interest.

Why Married Women are More Successful:
Protected content

I skimmed through the article, then after seeing the whiplash of Protected content (rising by the minute still),
decided to properly read it.

I have two questions at the back of my mind.
Having previously read similar articles about married people being better off in all ways possible (financially, spiritually, etc.)
1) Is this true?
2) What does that mean for the bachelor(ettes)?

They can only be so successful businesswise, in terms of career progression,
until married...
In other words: there is a ceiling for unmarried men or women, in society overall.

Do we see unmarried people as less responsible, incomplete, not knowing really what life's about or what?

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