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Winter IN beautiful Luxor

Discover Egypt's ancient cultural riches as winter rages other places in the world - nice sun during the day but cool at night.
The ancient city of Luxor, is not only the center of Egypt but the world, and nowhere else do you see such overwhelming monuments. Back then, Luxor Theben was called "the city with the hundred gates" and had thousands of hidden graves, the homes and temples of the dead as big as cities. The Pharaohs land, the beautiful location and charming folklore, farmers, markets, bazaars, cozy cafes and restaurants all make the city a very special experience.
Luxor offers a wealth of options. Try flying with a hot air balloon, rent a bike, donkeys, horses, camel to explore Luxor.
Sail along the Nile River in Felukka - see the activities from the waterfront. The bazaar never gets sold out, and there is a good chance of making a good deal - remember to bargain for the price.
Stay in my Danish paradise LOTUS HOUSE LUXOR - with great views of the Nile - feel calm EVERY morning, all year round, imagining yourself back in time, listening to the farmers working in the green field, not with machines, but with donkeys and cows, camels looking across the street and say good morning, picking fresh bananas in the backyard, drinking coffee at the roof. to the grand view of hot air balloon ride. Well just enjoy life along the Nile.
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