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World Needs to Heal

Imagine a world which is silent for a day ,
Just silent like a world in collective Mourning
for all the wounds it has inflicted on itself.
Imagine there is no noise , no voice ,
just thoughts to speak .
Just eyes to see and feel
No phones can ring , no cars can drive ,
No tv's to shout and no Internet to browse ,
Imagine a day when we don't speak and just listen
to the sounds which we did not create ,
in the language which we can only experience
and cant describe .
The day without opinions and judgments ,
without monologues and debates
without promises to make or promises to keep ,
without expectations of words for being spoken or listened to ,
Without critique , without hatred ,
without anger , without reaction
The day when we don't need to sell ourselves ,
even to ourselves ,
The day if ever when we can just sit and feel
That will be the day , this world can heal.

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