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We need your help to make a difference!

We are looking for good people worldwide to send us positive stories from their countries. We will broadcast them on our Channel for the whole world to see.
Our team believes that in these challenging times there is a real need for some good news. is a daily Web-cast of Good and Positive News only.
Our goal is to raise awareness about good things going on in the world.
Contrary to most beliefs this world is a wonderful place to live in. is set out to prove it, one piece of good news at a time.
We broadcast stories of amazing people from around the world.
Our main purpose is to show positive news daily.
The intent is to shift people’s attitude to a more positive one,
changing the perception about our world in general.
We are convinced that by hearing positive and uplifting stories,
our viewers will have a more pleasant day,
become happier, kinder, thanking people they interact with
and desire to do something positive of their own.

Raising awareness, exposing people to possibilities, educating them on the many different programs, and watching the impact some individual’s actions have on other people’s lives, will motivate others to get involved.
Our intent is to create a ripple effect with people paying it forward.
Join the gathering of beautiful minds.
brilliant people offering solutions to our world challenges,
individuals or organizations that are taking actions to make a difference.
The best way to start your day is with
Choose to read and help us spread the good, positive news.
It is one of the best things you’ll ever do!
Our promise to you is that you will always feel good by tuning in.

This is your chance to do something to contribute to society:
We don’t want your money and we are not asking you for your time
Help us make a difference!!!
If you are part of a group that is doing something positive
please share it with the world by broadcasting it on
Send us a video, story, pictures or editorial and we will give it air time.
Bring awareness to your cause in your city, town or country, school or office.
We will give it exposure, provide help, and when we can we’ll assist you with funding.
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