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Would the UK be better off outside the EU?


I don't think this question is only interesting to UK citizens.
I am undecided even though I am living outside the UK but in the EU.

The EU plans to spend its 960bn euro budget ( Protected content ) on:
325bn supporting poor regions - The UK won't see much of that since it is not a poor region.
278bn agricultural subsidies - The UK won't see much of that since agriculture is a small part of our economy.
125bn research and training "to boost growth" - I doubt we would get much of this since our growth needs less boosting that other countries.
95bn rural development - The UK won't see much of that since we are not very "rural" any more.
59bn development aid - The UK won't qualify for much of that since we are quite rich.
62bn admin - That is simply an overhead we would no longer have to pay for.
15bn on boarder control - We are an Island a long way from the trouble spots so I doubt this money is coming to us.

Looking at that, it seems that we pay a lot in, 13% of the total, and yet the money is spent on things that aren't priorities for the UK.

People say that we get it all back in trade but I don't believe that France and Germany would stop trading with us if we left, that would be in nobody's interest.


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