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Young Uni graduate Confused about Career

Hello everyone , I know that it is a long shot but I really hope this awesome group of people can actually give me some advice.

I am a 24 old female , Chinese American, fluent in french, currently living in an arab country working in real estate field. ( I know)
My goal after graduation is to make myself more financially secure, hence the current job. I worked for 2 years, made some money and small investment. But now I don't know where to go?

I am not happy with my current entourage, because I am surrounded by people who are too different from me and I feel like the circle is getting smaller and smaller.

I feel like I am so much more than this, I speak four different and most useful languages, have such strong communication ,marketing, finance, management skills.

So beautiful and experienced people, please enlighten me with a path I could take ? (get a master degree? or where to find a job? or more importantly where do I go next?)

Thank you so much for your time

You have no idea how much it meant to me

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