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Happy month of December! (Yaoundé)

Dear Internations family,
Accept warmest and heartfelt greetings. We are in the month of December, the most festive period of the year. Yaounde like other towns will be booming with so many activities. We have journeyed all through since January with InterNations Douala and Yaounde groups as true "global minds", sharing views and experiences through calls, messages and some face to face meeting around a drink. It has been wonderful and fun! Many met new friends, others found in us the beautiful family they left back home and others had a chance to discover and savor new recipes (Ndolé, Jamajama, kwem, eru) amidst other local and foreign ones. Lol!
... To keep December "HOT", does someone have any activity or suggest an interesting activity we can organise? Something to make people laugh, relax, discover new places, go dancing, picnicking etc Anything is gonna be cool...

This festive period goes with lots of crowd pulling activities. Remember to Stay ALERT and WATCHFUL especially when out in the markets; bus stop and in taxis. Avoid going out alone and keeping late nights. If you have too, then stay in the company of trustworthy friends 'cos "THE BAD GUYS ARE AROUND AND VERY SMART"!

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