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Advice on salaries and living costs. (Abu Dhabi)


I am looking to move over to Abu Dhabi / Dubai in the near future and I am keen to determine what would be a reasonable salary / benefits offer for a Quantity Surveyor with Protected content experience, most of this experience has been on major projects £280m+ with my sub-contract management portfolio being in excess of £10m.

What would a reasonable monthly salary offer be?
What sort of accommodation allowance would be reasonable?
What should I expect in terms of transport allowance?

I am of the understanding that medical cover is almost a compulsory benefit that has to be provided by the employer?

In terms of livings costs I have done some research into this and have estimated that for general food / groceries etc I would expect to spend AED 1,500 per month, for utilities etc AED 300, satellite tv and internet AED Protected content 350, for modest socializing maybe two nights a week I have estimated AED Protected content 600 per week. Would these figures seem correct?

In addition, would it be possible for my partner to work in Abu Dhabi whilst we live there, she is a Police Officer in the UK currently, but would be prepared to do volunteer or teaching work in schools etc, would this be an option?

Any advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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