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As-salām 'alaykum and a heart-felt welcome to our Abu Dhabi Community! Meet a whole network of expats through InterNations and gain a valuable insight into real expat life in Abu Dhabi. You may have a number of questions about your big move abroad and are keen to find out the answers; well look no further, our numerous members in 390 InterNations Communities across the globe are here to help! With years of experience and unrivaled knowledge about moving to Abu Dhabi, simply join InterNations and ask the expat community those all-important questions, such as "where's the safest neighborhood in Abu Dhabi? " or "what's the education system like in Abu Dhabi?" to "how easy is it to get around the city without a car?". It doesn't matter how trivial, our expats will be able to answer. Every expat understands that making a move to another country can be daunting and even a little bit scary. To make it that bit easier, our expatriate network is available to help in making your move run smoothly and assist you in settling into the culture of Abu Dhabi.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Amsterdam or Khobar (Eastern Prov.).

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  • Living in Abu Dhabi

    If you are thinking of living in Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to do your homework! This InterNations article on Abu Dhabi helps you to take the hurdles which you might come across during your expat assignment. Find out more about expat life in Abu Dhabi, e.g. healthcare and housing.
  • Working in Abu Dhabi

    Working in Abu Dhabi is the dream of many expats. Is it yours, too? Then keep in mind that, despite the high numbers of foreigners in Abu Dhabi, securing a lucrative job can be challenging. InterNations provides useful advice on working in Abu Dhabi, including the job search and working conditions.

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Start Your New Life as an Expat in Abu Dhabi

Known as Dubai's less-brash city sister, Abu Dhabi is both the name of one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates as well as its capital. It is filled with high-end apartments, international museums, numerous malls, and white sandy beaches. The emirate also owns over 90% of the UAE's oil production, and the vast majority of its over 2.5 million strong population is made up of expats. The emirate's reputation for luxury is certainly well-founded, with some of its smaller islands serving their purpose as luxury resorts, with high-end golf courses and shopping malls. The it’s the cultural side is also continuously being developed, with a brand new culture district opening in 2015, including the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the floating Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Zayed National Museum. Expats furthermore have the opportunity to enjoy an Abu Dhabi desert safari, an unforgettable experience including lots of fun, such as dune driving, belly dances and camel rides. Abu Dhabi is often considered as a family-friendly metropolis, full with wonderful parks and playgrounds, where children can be entertained for hours while parents can enjoy some greenery and fresh air — just wait for the worst of the heat to pass. The city abounds of many international and private schools, providing at the same time excellent teaching methods and a secure environment. Many expats move to Abu Dhabi for the tax free benefits, the job opportunities, the good schools, or simply to enjoy the unique flavor of this quickly developing city. With its unique desert landscape and beautiful beaches, it isn't just about work, there's also plenty of leisure time to be had. Whether you decide to live close to The Corniche or on Saadiyat Island, there is plenty to do and see in Abu Dhabi. With a large number of jobs not only in the oil and gas industry, the economy is booming.However, expats should be aware that while living in Abu Dhabi, you are expected to follow the local rules. Keep to a modest dressing code, especially during Ramadan and even when visiting the beach, and avoid insulting or threatening language and behavior, as well as kissing and cuddling in public areas.

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In joining the InterNations Abu Dhabi Community, you will become a member of our safe and secure network of and for expats. Membership is by approval only to ensure everyone has a good understanding of the core principles behind InterNations, as well as being friendly, honest, and open to other cultures. With our safe community, you can also extend your network locally and sign up to one of the many groups and events that take place in Abu Dhabi. If you had a hobby at home, you don't need to leave it behind; carry it on in your new home by joining one of the diverse InterNations Groups in the Abu Dhabi Community. From tango dancing to t scuba diving, there is a wide variety of activities you can be a part of. Join InterNations now and start making new expat and local friends in Abu Dhabi!

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