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Amazing Experience in Dubai (Abu Dhabi)

Dubai was always known for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage and one of the beloved cities to me in the world, and the Emirati people are welcoming and generous in their approach to visitors.
I visited Dubai 2 times so far, during my first stay I explored the city, went shopping, visited Burg-Khalifa and so on and that was very amazing but my second time I decided to do a little bit more than that, and I would like to share with you 4 main things you should do to make the best memories in Dubai:

SkyDiving: you think Dubai's stunning views from the ground? Wait until you see it from the sky! Skydiving is the perfect sport to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery all year round in Dubai.
Don't worry if you're not an expert, the coaches will accompany you on the jump, and you'll see a demo before boarding. skydiveDubai offers two skydiving sites with the best qualified instructors to guide you on your flight.
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Red Dunes & Camel Safari: You'll never get tired of the thrilling driving trips on sand dunes amid high sand dunes and extended sand valleys. Try the spectacular dunes of Al Khazna between the UAE capital and Al Ain Oasis, or explore the vast desert outside Liwa Oasis in Al Dhafra.
A variety of tour operators offer dune driving trips. Alternatively, you can enjoy dune activities during your stay. In addition, your half-day or full-night stay at Arabian Nights Village also includes the experience of driving on the dunes.
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Dubai Aquarium: Visit the Dubai Aquarium, which has a capacity of 10 million litres of water and has more than 33,000 marine creatures and the largest number of sand tiger sharks in the world.
Rising to the third floor of the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium boasts Protected content of marine life and offers many experiences that allow you to discover the world of the sea.
Wander through the 48-meter tunnel through the aquarium. See fish swim around you like a sand tiger sharks and stingrays.

I got VPN: UAE blocks hundreds of websites and mobile applications including FaceTime and Skype which caused me a lot of trouble talking to my family and friends home so I got a NordVPN subscription and it worked pretty well, also Express works fine but I prefer Nord because it provides same features for less costs.
You can subscribe to any service you would like to, just make sure it works in UAE.
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