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exquisite collection of interior designs and jewellery. (Abu Dhabi)

Exclusive ltd Belgium with Mass Consult Abu Dhabi UAE Middle East provide an exquisite collection of interior designs with authentic gemstones,shell tiles and jewellery.

- sinks with flashing opal and rich gold
- jacuzzis with glittering diamonds in a dazzling collection of jewellery created by the French and Italian master jewellers
- the splendour of ancient palaces now into your own interior, genuine gemstone tiles comprising malachite, lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise, agate, accentuate your personal fine styling.
- Exotic shell tiles, treasures of the deep blue, embellish your bathroom and swimming pool
- Gemstone tapistry with a colourful array of brasilian agates, highlights the entrance of your house
- translucent rose quartz tiles , with a delightful soft backlight accentuates the intimacy
of your living room
- translucent jade, with soft backlight discretely enriches your stylish interior.
- Wonders of the earth,.... gemstone slabs for vanity tops, kitchen tables, borders,... tiger iron, with its spectacular lines , spectrolite and its rich blueish crystals, ......
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Best regards
Dr.Eng.Farouk Mukhallalati Bsc.Civ.Eng.UK MICE
Mass Consult

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