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Ford Explorer – Premier Motors Service Center – Mu (Abu Dhabi)

Friends, I m writing this to share my bitter experience with the premier motors service center here in mussafah, abu dhabi. I own a ford explorer Protected content leather bought in June Protected content the showroom in khalidiya with 5 years’ free service and warranty. It’s a great car but the service sucks especially here in Abu Dhabi.
Case 1: During the first year my car was hit on the left side driver’s door while parked, I took the car to the service center for repair. They said they will replace it once they get insurance approval. They got the insurance approval in 3 days and asked to leave my car in service center for a week. They replaced the complete door and the car was ready as said in a week. But soon I realize that the seat belt security system was not working as the car was not giving any sound alert while driving without seat belt. I took my car back and they started looking into it. After spending close to one hour they came back saying they couldn’t figure out the problem and asked me to leave the car again, this time they were not sure how long they will take to fix it. I was expecting a day or two but they took longer. Five days passed and yet no result. They provide me a spare car (ford edge) to use while they fix my car but I was curious to get my car back as it was still new; don’t know what they had been doing with my car. After 10 days I got my car back, the problem fixed but all my favorite settings were gone. Anyway I was happy to get my car back and forgot the bad time. I had to pay Protected content as the car was hit while parked and there was no one to claim the responsibility.
Case 2: A more frustrating one: Just a month back again I met my bad fate. While I was in a parking lot in Ajman beach a lady hit my car while she’s taking in reverse. It was mid night 1 AM. I had to call police, wait for them and register the complaint. The next day I took the car to the same service center as per the procedure they asked me to leave the car for a week. They fixed it and upon request they deliver the car to my work place, as I work in the city at hamdan street. To my surprise the car was in worst condition all over dust from both inside and outside. I thought they will wash my car and deliver it. The driver dropped the car took my signature and left. After work when I use my car I was shocked to see the cars reverse/parking camera is not working. I called them immediately and complained. They keep saying they didn’t touch the camera. Anyway the car is still under warranty they knew they can’t escape, they promised to send the driver next day to pick my car and fix it. They keep postponing it for a week and finally after a week the driver took the car back. They kept it 3 days, I got a call saying the camera system is corrupted and they need to replace the complete unit (more worries for me). I had to wait for Protected content as the electronic part is not available here, had to reach from US. They conveyed me to use my car mean time; once the part is available it will take just an hour to replace it. I had no choice than just agree to them, again the driver brought my car back. I got pissed off to see the complete display system was not working, before it was just camera now the complete display is gone means I can’t play music no AC options no Bluetooth and voice commands. Immediately I took the car back to the service center met all the concern department managers they witness my anger. I warned them if they can’t fix it immediately I will make a complaint to ford and as I’m in IT I know how to spread their shameful work on social media and the other medium. They got afraid; they promised me for fix it in two days they offered me with rent a car ford explorer itself until they fix my car. To their promise they fixed in two days, they said they took the required part from a new car and replaced it in my car. They polished my car well from both inside and out to make me happy. I was happy to see my car in a great condition, but I doubt the part they have replace it is from new car or from some other customer’s car. No Idea as I cannot verify it.
So friends when you take your car to Premier Motors service center, be careful don’t leave your car there for long they may play with it and don’t listen to their stories. I wish not to see me in the same situation again. Cheers.

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