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help in setting up disability seminar (Abu Dhabi)

Hello my name is Tony Rice and I am a disability consultant in the UK, I have been a regular visitor to Dubai over the last 14 months working with Dubai police academy and other government bodies to deliver bespoke training around disability awareness.

I intend to hold a one day seminar and later a separate conference in Adu Dhabi and I am looking for strategic partners, a venue and help to explore this opportunity.

I have had a lot of requested for a seminar around employing people of determination on my last visit after my news coverage last year [url= Protected content news article[/url]

I am looking to gain expressions of interest and confirmation to attend the seminar, which will cover two subjects at two hours each and people can pick one or more to attend. the cost is low per seminar.

There is also a Q&A sessions to answer some of issues around new POD laws and requirements.

The seminar topics:
[i]POD employment and management
Dubai (soon to be the new) federal universal design code, what it means for businesses[/i]

On international disability day 3rd December Protected content am looking to hold a national conference of Accessible tourism. I have lined up key international speakers in the field of disability with an expertise in tourism and how to attract more visitors and guests.

Finally. if I can get this together I would like to also explore the POD Champions awards and gala for UAE Businesses as an annual event.

I am in Dubai in May and can meet up but would like to get the first small scale seminar set up for my visit before my arrival if possible.

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