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Is the move worth it? (Abu Dhabi)

Hello Chaps and Chap'ettes,

I'm fairly new to the forum although I've been reading it for a bit.. I've got a few questions around making the move to AD and hoped you guys could shed some light on them..

1) I've been offered roughly Protected content a month to move over, plus a single flight back every year and a $ Protected content help with the move and additional bonuses if warranted. I currently earn £60k in London and take home roughly £ Protected content tax's and student loan payments. In AD I'd take home ~£ Protected content month.

Does this sound reasonable for a junior manager in financial services? (although probably senior in terms of A.D) I'm skeptical whether I'd be able to save any money - as I have a hard time saving anything in London with a £60k salary.

2) Has the move to A.D a developing market impacted your career? either positively or negatively - as I'm a little worried that the experience I'd gain in A.D wont be transferable back into the London market when I go back.

I also don't have any dependents to cater for, just moi.

would be great to get your views on the two points...


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