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June 15th Boating Jet Ski review by Jo Lim (Abu Dhabi)

We were out from 10 in the morning to 12.30 midnight when we hit shore again. What a day! How do I begin telling this story…… 09.45 AM Yaser is no where in sight at the meeting point. Good, enough time for a pee and a cuppa. 10.00 AM Yaser finally showed up in extremely stressed mode frantically yapping on the phone directing others to the meeting point. Not to mentioned looking out for the rest of the IN “No Show”. Thanks IN folks, you’ve just wasted 45 minutes of my precious weekend. 11.00 PM The group is coming together. Time to introduce the cast members for the day. They turned out to be wonderful people from Malta, Australia, Iraq, Sudan, UAE and the most wonderful of all………Malaysia. 12.30 PM Finally hit the water. Engines roaring, jetski flying and cameras clicking. Play mode is ON! 01.15 PM Seclude island with sandy beach, clear calm waters, jetski, tube boating & arse rocking on the water, music, dancing (thanks Eby & Yaser for the show), champagne. Yaser spent his time trying to be white, Eby spent his time trying to die in 2 feet of water. 04.00 PM Afternoon nap in the gentle waves. I discovered that a half emptied mineral bottle makes an excellent pillow on the beach. 05.00 PM Eby still trying to die in 2 feet of water and Yaser is losing his white. 07.00 PM Hookah diving and harpoon fishing. A touch of excitement with the night closing in. Thanks for the selfless efforts of true Emirati gentlemenship. We caught two big hammour and several other fish for our dinner for the night. 09.00 PM Found another remote island and built a bon fire (with tribal dancing from Yaser). Eby parted company with Yaser by now and decided to pair up with a local bloke for his dance number (see photos). Had to gut all the fishes using a butter knife, but I accomplished the task somehow. Good lighting help there from Yaser. Grilled fish over fire. Ate the fish Neanderthal style (bring me back to school age). 12.30 PM Clean up boat and me, get dressed, missing a flip flop :(. 01.00 AM Found flip flop :)…………… Thanks Yaser and company for inviting me to this event. Your friends are all kind and generous souls. I really appreciate all their efforts in providing the facilities for the day. I had a wonderful and very memorable day. I don’t smell fishy anymore, but the image of us dining beside the bon fire will stay with me forever. Hugs and kisses…
Jo Lim

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