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Knowing more about Abu Dhabi


Dear All,

I am a student from Singapore and currently doing a project about Abu Dhabi. This project aims to discuss about the cultural difference between Abu Dhabi and Singapore in terms of business. Below are my queries and would appreciate if anyone could advise me.

1) What are languages used in terms of spoken and written? Will there be a difference in terms of language to be used when speaking to the elders?

2) What are the values which people in Abu Dhabi are concerned of in terms of their culture? (Example: Worklife balance, punctuality, integrity, etc)

3) What are the social etiquette and protocol in Abu Dhabi?

4) Is there any national character in Abu Dhabi?

5) What is the religion and the religious practices in Abu Dhabi?

6) What are recreation and leisure activites for people in Abu Dhabi? How such activities can create rapport with their business partners?

Meanwhile, please do advise if there is any other issues which you could highlight to a Singaporean who will be relocated to Abu Dhabi for a 2 years business stay.

Many thanks,
Christina Loh

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