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Moving to Abu Dhabi married or single?

Hi everyone! I am really excited about moving next month to Abu Dhabi as a student in Masdar. This is very recent and it got in the way of my wedding plans. I was about to get married in Argentina but I found out that women cannot sponsour anyone´s visa in the UAE. Additionally, according to the information that was sent to me last week, family residences in Masdar are only for male students. So my fiancee and I thought that since we won´t be allowed to live together, we should not get married until we find a solution to this problem.
He is going to look for a job in Abu Dhabi so he can also move as soon as possible but this may take some time. He is a licenciate in Administration (MA and BA in Administration) and he works as an analyst in the Renault-Nissan car factory in Argentina. He knows English but not enough to speak it fluently (I´m sure this can be improved with some practice).
What can you recommend us to do? Is it likely that he can find a job in Abu Dhabi? Can we get married in Abu Dhabi or should we do so before I leave Argentina?
Has anyone been in this situation or know someone that has? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!

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