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Probably moving to Abu Dhabi - A few questions

I am flying to Abu Dhabi for a second interview on Saturday, but things are very positive and it seems likely that I am moving to Abu Dhabi soon.

1. One thing I need to know is if there are English speaking driving instructors in Abu Dhabi? I will need to get a driving license. My employer will provide me with a car so that I can drive to work. At the beginning I can use their drivers, but later I really need to drive.

2. Can recommend a good personal trainer in Abu Dhabi that speaks English? I would need somebody to train with me at least twice a week, better three times, but do my job I need somebody who can be a bit flexible.

3. How expensive is Abu Dhabi? My employer will provide me with accommodation and I don't have to worry about that, but how about other things? Eating out for dinner? Public transport?

I probably have 100s of other questions, but those seemed the most important to me right now.

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