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Ready or not here we come (Abu Dhabi)

Hi Everybody,
Just like a lot of people on this site, we (hubby, 2yr old daughter and I) are moving to AD at the end of Feb. It's a very exciting time but daunting at the same time with all the packing and admin stuff to get out of the way.
But i have to say reading the threads and various events i can see a sense of community and very much look forward to strating a new life in much warmer shores than London!
i wil need to look into nurseries (ideally UK or French ones), accommocation (villa, apartment)? WHERE seems to be the key question. but i gues it will depend on where the nursery will be as i really don't fancy driving over there.
activcities: what to do with a 2 yr old???
and eventually a job once we are all settled in
does anybody have any tips, recommendations, personal anecdotes on stuff to avoid etc...
any info on any of the above points will be greatly appreciated


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